About Mink CRM

MinkCRM is cloud-based customer relationship management software that automates the processes of marketing, sales, support, and contracts from a single multi-sided platform(MSP). This cloud CRM software helps organizations nurture new leads and customers, while maintaining strong relationships with existing ones. This centralized, customizable, and easy-to-use cloud CRM software meets the requirements for businesses of all sizes.

Key Features

Comprehensive CRM Software to Streamline your Customer Relationship Management

Marketing Automation

MInk streamlines your range of marketing activities and helps you reach your targeted audience through effective campaigns, lead generation, targeted mass emails, and facilitating assignments to the right sales people.

Reporting and Analytics

Gain insight into your lead-to-customer cycle through predefined reports for campaigns, accounts, leads, and opportunities. Our robust forecasting capabilities will allow you to monitor your pipeline and revenue metrics.

Social CRM

Mink’s social integrations enable real-time interaction with members on social media, allowing you to convert them into prospects and keep track of your existing and potential customers. Engage with potential and current customers by posting on multiple social media platforms with one click through MinkCRM.

Sales Force Automation

MINKCRM Sales Force Automation (SFA) automates business tasks from lead generation to sales forecasting. MinkCRM modules include lead, contact, opportunity, and territory management. These help you collaborate and be well integrated with your team helping you achieve your sales targets.


Unlike out-of-the-box CRM solutions, Mink provides a high-level of customization so your solution suites the nature of your business,allowing your salespeople to have the most seamless and optimal experience.

Customer Account Management

Through MinkCRM you can view the detailed history of a customer such as company details, contact people, products purchased, and payment terms. This data will help you gain intelligence on purchasing patterns and assist in strategizing upselling and cross selling.