Digital Marketing Services

Mink Technologies is a full service Digital Marketing Company offering bespoke digital marketing services. Our digital marketing team includes highly experienced online experts with more than a decade of experience in executing digital marketing campaigns solving some of the most complex problems faced by our clients. Over the years we have invested our expertise and experience to build an ecosystem to offer end to end digital marketing solutions like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, PPC,etc for our partnered companies. This empowers us to have control & execute an integrated digital marketing strategy which is critical for brand’s success in digital spectrum. Learn more about our digital marketing services below.


Mink Technologies is a premium SEO Company offering Bespoke SEO Services in Hyderabad, Sydney and California. With years of expertise in digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), we have studied how search engines have evolved in ranking websites in course of time. Our expertise and knowledge on the latest search engine trends have helped us develop strongest strategies for SEO (search engine optimization). With our unique content and SEO strategies, We have helped numerous clients secure outstanding search rankings in Google and Bing for some of the most competitive keywords in their industry.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Agency

Mink Technologies is one of the leading Pay Per Click Advertising Agency in India with operations in Sydney and California. Pay Per Click (PPC) has been constantly evolving over the period of time and publishers are offering enhanced features for brands to target and engage their potential audience. Consumer intent, landscape, technology, demographics and platforms constantly continue to entice brands to spend more with publishers. Our team uses tools that help the brand determine the right mix of keyword grouping, keyword search, corresponding landing page and the correct ad copy. With a vast knowledge of the trends in the digital medium, our team devices strategies that help maximize the brand’s reach and maintain a viable cost per acquisition (CPA).

Social Media

Mink Technologies is a Digital Marketing Agency offering Bespoke Social Media Marketing services in Hyderabad, Sydney and California. We offer tailor-made SMM services for brands as per their size and budgets. Our social media marketing strategy is driven by insights and data. We combine onsite and social media analytics from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, etc and establish trends to execute an integrated digital campaign. As part of this analysis, we do a deep exploration of client’s digital channels and help them understand ROI from them. We execute campaigns by integrating SEO and social because Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), when integrated with Social Media Marketing (SMM) takes the brands visibility to a higher level and enhances consumer engagement.